Holy Joe!

A Pocket handbook on Sexual Purity.

Porn. Masturbation. Pre-marital sex. You name it! Sexual sin in our time is glazed in honey, dipped in chocolate and freckled with sugar. The movies and  TV series make it look delectable. Stories from the grapevine make it seem adventurous and exciting. The story of Joseph, son of Jacob, in the book of Genesis speaks of a man who lived uprightly regardless of the pressure of his time.

Joseph is often the most referenced biblical character when Christians talk of sexual purity. However, admiration is not enough to inspire our generation to pursue purity. We know Joseph beat this temptation that many young people are failing at.

However, the real question is how was he able to do it? Holy Joe derives lessons from the life of Joseph for every believer who desires to live a pure life. The battle is raging but the victory is possible!


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